Best Turbine Jet  King Tech USA Ryan Haldenwanger ME 262  
  Best Military Jet   Frank Tiano Enterprises Joe Castelao A-10  
  Best Sport Jet  PlaneVideoArt Productions  Doug Anderson Bandit Arf  
  Best Civillian Jet Antelope Valley Chevrolet  Kenny McSpadden Epic Victory  
  Best Craftsmanship Antelope Valley Ford Dan Avilla F-100  
  Best Foamy Jet  Zap Glue Vince Tolemeo F-86  
  Best Electric Jet  BVM Jets Tam Nyugen Electra  
  Best Ducted Fan Jet  HVN Models Dorean Anderson F-106  
  Best Markings and Paint Pro-Mark Graphics Brian O’Meara F-84  
  Best Military Jet Performance Best In The West Dave Philips Cougar  
  Best Sport Jet Performance Tam Jets Ali Machinchy Ultra Bandit  
  Best Electric Jet Performance Acme Jets Doug Anderson Electra  
  Peoples's Choice Best In The West  Joe Castelao A-10  
  People's Choice Runner-Up Best In The West  Bill Marshall F-14  
  Pilot's Choice (Scale)  Smart-Fly Brian O'Meara F-84  
  Pilot's Choice (Sport)  RC Universe Jake Bottita Bandit Arf  
  Most Outstanding Flight (Scale) Global Jet Club Ali Machinchy A-10  
  Most Outstanding Flight (Sport) JetCat USA David Shulman Ultra Bandit  
  EDF Speed Drag Fastest Jet  Robertson Honda Palmdale Doug Anderson Electra  
  Colonel Robert Thacker Award Joe Castelao and Lowell Wexler  Jake Bottita Most Inspiring individual of the event  
  Special Recognition Best In The West  Nancy Buono Registration and Organizer  
  Special Recognition Best In The West  Doug Killerbrew Antelope Valley Tailwinds Club Vice President  
  Special Recognition Best In The West  Colonel Robert Thacker Years of  Military Service and RC Pilot  
  Special Recognition Best In The West  Ali Machinchy Pilot Skills